Ronim Nursing Offers Great Mobile Nursing Services. It  has been serving the Colombo area since 2004 with a full range of nursing services in the privacy and comfort of your home for patients with varied needs and health problems.

Sathkara Piyasa " සත්කාර පියස "  residential care , which is equipped to provide the highest standards of residential accommodation with care for the elderly , ill or Dissabled persons  in Sri Lanka.
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Dementia Care

We always ensure that we have an adequate supply of experienced skilled staff to deal with caring for our dementia clients. Our staff have more experience working with the area or have completed a dementia care course, as well all other requirements and standards of working in the aged care sector.

Ronim Nursing particular emphasis in engaging with the family. The family play a vital part in the decision making and care giving and it’s imperative that we work together as a team for the best outcomes for our clients. The most difficult aspect of care for a dementia client at home is dealing with challenging behaviours. We can provide education on how to recognise and manage aggression, depression, anxiety and agitation. Some of the strategies we currently use with our clients and would encourage would be:

  •    Remain calm.
  •     Keep the environment quiet, safe, free from clutter.
  •     Speak in a clear, quiet, reassuring voice.
  •     Keep instructions simple.
  •     Distraction is often the most useful approaches.
  •     Use encouraging language.
  •     Answering repetitive questions.

The benefits of home care for someone living with Dementia

Someone with early dementia can continue with assistance to live independently. The carer can help manage potential risks around the home and reduce early entry to hospital or residential care which can be quite stressful for an elderly person. Home care has the benefit of familiar internal and external surroundings and familiar routines which aid in memory retention.

Better Living Home Care has qualified and experienced staff who as well as helping the elderly person day to day, also monitor how their dementia is progressing and alert the family when the dementia becomes to severe for them to stay at home alone. Dedicated care coordinator to asses needs and assign appropriate staff members to make sure patients get the level of care they need. Clients assisted by Better Living Homecare feel confident knowing that our staff possess the experience, ongoing training and caring qualities to support the individual needs of people living with dementia. The client also has continuity of care in their home building up a rapport with the carer.