Ronim Nursing Offers Great Mobile Nursing Services. It  has been serving the Colombo area since 2004 with a full range of nursing services in the privacy and comfort of your home for patients with varied needs and health problems.

Sathkara Piyasa " සත්කාර පියස "  residential care , which is equipped to provide the highest standards of residential accommodation with care for the elderly , ill or Dissabled persons  in Sri Lanka.
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Hot Lines : 011 3 055 055  / 071 4500 588
Nursing care

A nurse can help you manage a health condition at home. Examples might be changing dressings on wounds, or perhaps monitoring your blood pressure. Nursing care is in place to assist you with minor health conditions and works in conjunction with other assistance available to you through the health system.

What types of services are available?

A registered or enrolled nurse can provide nursing care at home. They can help you  Eg :
  • checking aspects of your health such as your blood pressure
  • treatments such as changing wound dressings or catheter care
  • managing your continence
  • managing your medicines.

Where do I receive nursing care services?

You can receive nursing care services in your own home, just call for our Hot lines

When do I need nursing care services?

If you want to stay in your own home, but you have a health condition and you need help with its treatment or monitoring, then you may need nursing care services.

How My Aged Care helps you?

We Helps you find the information you need about aged care services.
This can be as simple as calling the Ronim MOBILE Care contact centre on 071 4500 588 or reading this website. Ronim Nursing provides you with information about:
  • the different types of aged care services
  • eligibility for services
  • how we understand your aged care needs and help you find local services to meet your needs - you are able to select your own service provider
  • The cost of your aged care services, including fee estimators.

To perform these activities, the contact centre will seek your consent to create a personalised client record. This will hold up to date information on your needs and any services you receive. The client record will reduce the need for you to retell your story to the contact centre, assessors and service providers.

How much does it cost?

The Sri lanka Health  department  subsidises a range of aged care services and cost in Sri Lanka. We Guarenteed we will offer Best Prices. please call our Hotline 071 4500 588  for Price List.