Sathkara Piyasa " සත්කාර පියස "  residential care , which is equipped to provide the highest standards of residential accommodation with care for the elderly , ill or Dissabled persons  in Sri Lanka.
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The standard of care is the most important factor in creating excellence in a residential home, to achieve this we operate a system of care called the ‘key worker scheme’ for dependent residents requiring tailored care. This means we get to know the resident’s care needs and focus on them being met. It’s a major development in the way care is delivered, and it’s an example of the way we believe care in residential homes should progress.

Residents under this scheme are assigned a named care worker to identify his or her needs and take responsibility for the way the rest of the team deliver the care required. Through the key worker system of care delivery we’re dedicated to making sure each individual has the attention he or she needs and deserves.

Ronim Nursing team will enable dependent or elderly residents, to maintain their independence as much as possible, in line with our culture of enhancing and not overwhelming. Each care plan is tailored to cater for the needs of the individual, for convalescent and post-operative care, we work alongside healthcare professionals to encourage, promote and assist with rehabilitation exercises, or provide practical help on the road to recovery.
Ronim doctor’s visits are scheduled on-site or travel arranged to a particular clinic or hospital, in case of emergencies we have service contracts in place with all local hospitals in addition to the  Ambulance service.

At the Ronim Nursing  with its purposefully designed architecture, contemporary care systems and delightful culture, stigmas associated with elders homes have been completely banished, with residency being declared with a sense of pride.